A. Candy Carswell


Dlcar Kennel, Ltd.


Professional Handling

 As a Professional Handler with more than thirty years of experience,  I can provide a successful and safe environment for the dogs in my care.

I believe that each dog should have an individual plan to meet the needs of both the dog and the owner.  Some dogs need extra time to get ready to show, some need training and conditioning, and some need extra socialization. 

I am happy to meet with prospective clients and their dogs in order to evaluate their needs. 


Once we determine that I can provide the services desired, I ask that the client review the rate sheet, sign a handling contract and complete the client information sheet. 

I try to remain aware of budget issues, and do my best to devise a plan to reach owner's goals in an economical way.  I feel it is my responsibility to advise owners regarding the best shows to enter to meet their needs.

Dogs with Special Needs

I am willing to take on dogs with special needs, that is, dogs who may be shy, frightened, or otherwise unprepared to show immediately. 

Often, with the right care, training, time and circumstances, dogs who may seem difficult or unwilling to show can become good show dogs and better, more confident pets.  Many handlers are not equipped to take on "project" dogs.  I quite enjoy the challenge and strive to bring out the best of these special needs dogs.

Click each of the links below to view a sample client information sheet, handling contract and rate sheet. 

If we come to an agreement to handle your dog, I will see that you receive printed copies of these documents.