A. Candy Carswell


Dlcar Kennel, Ltd.


Home & Kennel Facilities

My home and kennel in Connecticut allows me to have a professional, secure, safe & comfortable space for my client dogs.

 I have been at this location for more than a decade. 

My house dogs get along well with all visiting dogs.  There is a kennel downstairs, as well as the outdoor kennel and runs. 

Pictured above left are several of the sporting dogs in the outdoor kennel runs.  They have indoor and outdoor space, beds to rest on, as well as great fresh air.  They really enjoy their time outside, especially after we have returned from road trips. 

Pictured above, a few of the dogs taking time to enjoy their snow day.

There are two large dog yards, in addition to the runs which allow all the dogs plenty of play and exercise time. 

All grooming and bathing is done downstairs in the house, complete with indoor tub, with all dogs blown dry.