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Candy - Then and Now

Candy pictured above left as she grew up spending time with her family's Welsh Springer Spaniels.  She is  pictured above right going Best in Show with CH Colthouse Millenium Man. 

Candy is pictured left, with the first male Gold Grand Champion Field Spaniel, GCH Northaven's Call Me Al.

 Pictured above right, Candy going Hound Group 1 with INT CH Daddy Douglas V. Grunsven

Having been born the daughter of Laddie and Nettie Carswell, it is no surprise that I was fascinated and excited to become involved in the family business, professional handling.

  I was privileged to grow up in an era filled with wonderful "dog" people who had a passion for the sport. 

Laddie Carswell

My father and first mentor was Laddie Carswell, a professional handler for more than fifty  years.  In addition to his handling, Dad served on the Board of Governors for the Professional Handlers' Association (PHA) and served as a Zone Representative and First Vice President. 

I grew up in Massapequa, Long Island.  Under my Dad's tutelage, I was lucky to  gain a wealth of experience.  Two of the most important things he taught me were that the care of the dogs is always first, and that being a good sport is the right thing to do. 

I grew up in a time of strong apprenticeships with top professionals, where I learned the business from the ground up.   I am proud to have apprenticed for some of the "greats" in our business, Bob & Jane Forsyth and Bill Trainer.  They shared their knowledge &  wisdom. 

Their guidance and influence  will always  be an important part of how I train, condition, care for and show dogs.  I am indebted to them.  

After working with my father for a number of years as an assistant, I became a partner in the business, and began working with my own clients, in addition to his.
A few years following his death, I relocated to my current location in Connecticut which has allowed me to have a more comfortable space for my own as well as my client dogs. 

Handling Philosophy

One of the greatest pleasures I have as a handler is working with a number of unique dogs, all with different personalities and needs.  While it is undeniably very rewarding to make a happy phone call or email to a client regarding their dog's success on any given day, the biggest reward of all is seeing these dogs blossom to be the best they can be. 

I appreciate the opportunity given to me by clients who trust to me with their dogs.

 I also take great pride in the fact that on many occasions, I am able to work with what might be labeled "difficult" or shy dogs.  I feel that experience, patience and good hands are three of my best tools when I work with more challenging individuals.

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