A. Candy Carswell


Dlcar Kennel, Ltd.


Boarding & Grooming

In addition to professional handling, training and conditioning, I offer a full range of services including boarding and grooming. 

As a professional with over thirty years experience, I am happy to have a good relationship with my older clients, and happy to welcome new ones.
Each  dog I work with is considered special, and I enjoy making them comfortable.  Boarding and grooming are done in a professional facility with the great care. 
If you have any questions regarding any service provide, please contact me and I'll be happy to chat with you.


Boarding for pets or show dogs of any size is available by appointment. 
Dogs receive personalized care, attention and handling daily.   One on one care is emphasized.   Dogs have comfortable bedding, and exercise time provided through out the day and evening. 

I am willing to provide special diets that a Client may prefer. 

We discuss the needs of the dogs and arrange the proper diet, exercise and supplement regime which will keep pets or show dogs in great condition.


I provide professional, safe and appropriate grooming services with the utmost care. 

Whether a show dog, or a well loved pet, we can provide breed appropriate grooming. 
Trimming, Clipping, Nail Trimming, Bathing and Drying and Blowing Out are just a few of the available services.  I have experience in all breeds. 

Prices for grooming services vary depending on the size, coat and condition of the dog.

For safety, each pet must come with a completed client information sheet which includes shot and health records. 

If you wish to have your pet or show dog groomed, please contact me. 

All dogs must be accompanied by a client information sheet, including their health records, and information regarding any special needs or allergies.