A. Candy Carswell


Dlcar Kennel, Ltd.


Training and Conditioning

Training and conditioning are the most important aspect of showing dogs. 

To be successful in the ring, home or field, dogs should be trained and conditioned.  Young dogs socialized, coated dogs need proper care and time to come into coat. 
It is important to examine each dog and determine their needs.  Not all dogs come "just to show."  Some come to be trained or conditioned until they are ready for their next step. 
Dogs who come for training and conditioning are carefully evaluated to design a program that meets their needs. 
Young and mature dogs need to be trained and conditioned properly to get them ring ready.
Roadwork, trotters, biking, hand jogging, and other services are available as needed.
Sometimes space to play and the right encouragement is better.  

My years of experience give me the knowledge to know the best and safest ways to properly train and condition each individual dog.

All dogs should experience travel on the road prior to showing.

Providing the proper diet and supplements can aid in conditioning. 

I am willing to provide special diets as needed.  We discuss the needs of the dogs and decide the proper diet, exercise and supplement regime which will bring a dog into the best condition possible.
 Some breeds have more sensitive skin or stomachs which need to be catered to. 

If you have any questions regarding my services, please contact me and I'll be happy to discuss them with you.

Click the links below to view my client information sheet and rate sheet.  These are intended for informational purposes only.

If we come to an agreement to handle your dog, I will see that you receive printed copies of these documents.